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Amanda Bynes: animation

Amanda Bynes Spring 2013


I started paying attention when she threw her bong out of her window, at that point, her spiral was in full swing with no end in sight. Britney had shaved her head, Lindsey flipped off her judge, and now Amanda, in a drug induced craze, was wearing a tangled wig around New York City. Just like those before her, multiple DUIs turned the former child star's clean reputation upside down, and she was doing absolutely nothing to stop herself from plummeting toward rock bottom. Celebrity gossip magazines, already reporting on the 2012 DUIs, eagerly fixed their gaze on the meltdown that began like clockwork in the second week of January 2013:  


Jan. 16, 2013: Bynes posts a photo on her new Tumblr page, revealing that she’s gotten a cheek piercing. Later pictures will reveal that her right cheek has been pierced as well. The Tumblr account has since been deleted.

-Entertainment Weekly

A lot of us used her twitter as a realtime play by play of the state of her mental instability. Although she had complete control over what she shared, and what she decided to delete, she didn't have control over how those deleted tweets would be archived and available to revisit.

This animation is a found poem of Amanda Bynes' tweets during her 2013 meltdown